Climate Change And Human Causation

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Despite the widely agreed upon consensus of climate change and human causation in the scientific community, the general public is still out to lunch on the subject, influenced by politics and societal ideals. The most important thing about climate change is the effects it directly has on our planet and its direct effect on species. Demonstrating a specific occurrence of the direct effects of climate change is Coral reefs. Impacted by warming and ocean acidification, Coral is facing great distress and the future of coral reefs is ugly, scientists unsure but doubtful that they will be able to keep up with the rapid change. The important thing to see from climate change and the point that needs to be understood by the public is that the evidence and the effects on species all over the world are real, and earth and its systems and creatures account for one hundred percent of our resources, directly or indirectly. The health of our planet is our responsibility, and this report examines the ramifications of human life and a closer look at Coral reefs, a key ecosystem facing the heat.

The Controversy over Anthropogenic Climate Change When examining climate change, it’s important to understand human’s roles. This includes not only our greenhouse gas emissions and the practices that currently and historically produces them, but also our public understanding of the science of climate change and our effects on it. By this I mean that it is essentially important for all people to…

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