Climate Change And Its Effect On The Environment

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Climate change is an issue that has the potential to affect the environment, communities and the world economy. Scientists advise climate change will cause increases to the likelihood of extreme weather events. Rising sea levels are at significant risk to coastal areas and communities, while the world’s oceans could become acidic which would destroy and fail to support coral reefs and other marine organisms (Climate Change Australia – Dept. Of The Environment 2014). The main cause of climate change, which is also known as Global Warming, is widely spread. It is mostly caused by the emission of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere in many ways; including through the burning of fossil fuels and by deforestation…show more content…
Australia’s electricity emissions are high because we mostly rely (77%) on coal for electricity and coal is the most greenhouse-intensive fuel (WWF). Australia has the highest per capita greenhouse gas emissions. The per-capita carbon footprint in Australia was rated 12th in the world by PNAS in 2011, considerably large when taking into account the small population of the country. According to the CSIRO and Garnaut Climate Change Review, climate change is expected to have multiple effects on many species, regions, activities and infrastructure and areas of the economy and public health in Australia. The Australian Climate Commission (closed as of 2013) had created reports to highlight the likely impacts of climate change according to different regions. According to these reports in 2012, heat waves, bush fires and flooding will only get worse and intensify each time because of the climate change. This will worsen the impacts on people, property, communities and the environment.
Australia’s high fire risk increases the risks related to change in temperature and climate. Australia 's population is highly condensed in coastal areas, and Australia’s tourism industry depends on the health of the Great Barrier Reef and other fragile ecosystems (Pittock, Barry 2007). Australia has one of the worlds largest and diverse ecosystems, this poses an extreme threat because these ecosystems are most fragile and are at risk of damage if exposed to climate change. The
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