Climate Change And Its Effect On The Environment

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Climate change is an issue that has the potential to affect the environment, communities and the world economy. Scientists advise climate change will cause increases to the likelihood of extreme weather events. Rising sea levels are at significant risk to coastal areas and communities, while the world’s oceans could become acidic which would destroy and fail to support coral reefs and other marine organisms (Climate Change Australia – Dept. Of The Environment 2014). The main cause of climate change, which is also known as Global Warming, is widely spread. It is mostly caused by the emission of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere in many ways; including through the burning of fossil fuels and by deforestation (WWF 2008). When we talk about climate change it’s important to recognize the countries producing the most of it. According to The World Bank, China is producing 26.43% of emissions compared to Australia’s 1.19%. This is roughly 8,286,892 tonnes for China and 373,081 for Australia. Although Australia’s emissions comparison is relatively small compared to china, it is still large enough to cause a damaging impact to the environment. Rising temperature’s, beach erosion and drought just to name a few. In the last ten years, climate change has caused significant changes in Australia and China regarding environmental impact as well as social and economic impacts. These include the rising prices of everyday living such as electricity and…
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