Climate Change And Its Effects

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In just under fifty years, a topic that was once considered controversial, causing people to avoid discussions on it for reasons ranging from denial to discomfort, has evolved from those unpleasant debates to today’s friendly conversations. The topic is climate change, and the controversy surrounding it has been rooted in disagreement on what exactly causes it. Some say that climate change is a hoax and the changes are part of a natural cycle of the Earth’s climate system. Others are positive that it is the direct result of human activities and without immediate action, the planet will become inhospitable to human life. Then, there are those who are in-between, not sure which side to take, but are aware that something is happening to the global climate system. Just over a half-century ago, a large portion of the US population was somewhere in the middle, with about 25% at either end of the spectrum (Maibach et al., 2009). Today, climate change impacts are obvious causing few to remain in denial. With only a small portion of the population denying the existence of climate change, policies that address mitigation and adaptation to climatic changes have become less controversial and more widely accepted. The change in tone of the climate debate can be partly attributed to a change in the perspective of the public. For example, the divided viewpoints described in the “Six Americas” (Maibach et al. 2009) have gradually meshed into compromise and understanding over the years.
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