Climate Change And Its Effects

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Though the center of much debate, one undeniable fact is that climate change is occurring and affects every part of planet Earth. Some effects are actually positive, such as higher rates of photosynthesis in trees due to absorption of more abundant CO2 and warmer temperatures. However, most of the negative effects of climate change outweigh or counteract positive growth. Negative effects of climate change are affecting the land, water, plants, and animal life on planet Earth. Climate change has provided both gifts and curses for Earth’s forests. One of the most prevalent issues associated with climate change affecting forests are forest fires. Both the frequency and range of forest fires has increased in recent decades. In fact, information published by the EPA reports that, “burned area more than doubled between the 1960s/70s and the 1980s/90s.” (Backlund, p. 81) Extreme weather events, such as lightning storms, are increasing in number, causing the initiation of more fires, while higher temperatures and longer warm seasons are prolonging and promoting the wildfires. Another important effect of climate change is the temperature increases, which affect surface water. When the temperature of surface water sources such as streams, rivers, and lakes increases, fish and other organisms, which live in the water, are negatively affected. According to the EPA article, “Water Impacts of Climate Change,” fish species are negatively affected by rising water temperatures because,
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