Climate Change And Its Effects On Humans

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Climate Change
Earth is the only known habitable planet to support life. Over 6 billion humans and billions of other living things depend on the earth’s climate to survive. However, since the past century things start to change due to human activity as well as natural occurrences. The unpredicted weather conditions, wild fires and earth quakes have killed and displaced thousands of humans and animals, and wiped out few species from the face of the earth. Some animals and plants are facing the same fate disappearing from the face of the planet due to lack of suitable habitats. Since the beginning of modern technologies, humans have expanded the use of resources widely by adding greenhouse gases such as CO2, without understanding the consequences it might brought on the existence of all living things including their own species. Human’s action is widely believed to be cause for the rise of earth’s temperature. Climate change, which is responsible for extreme weather condition, earth quakes, and severe drought and famine. Climate change poses economical, and environmental threat to every nation. Therefore, climate change is a real event occurring every day, and affecting every living organism throughout the planet. To assess the threat posed by global warming, it is important to look at its causes and effects to present comprehensive solutions, and requires cooperation of every nation to address the issue before the problem becomes permanent.
Humans have already observed the…
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