Climate Change And Its Effects On Our Society

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For many years, scientists have been doing research surrounding the topic of climate change. It has become a proven fact that our global ecological and weather patterns are changing in ways that occur at a much more rapid pace than natural cycles typically allow. According to a 2016 Monmouth University Poll, most Americans acknowledge, at least to some extent, that “the world’s climate is undergoing a change that is causing more extreme weather patterns and the rise of sea levels.” Since humans rely so heavily on their environment to provide a plethora of goods and services, it is crucial to examine our role in climate change and the way that it impacts our society. While climate change affects communities around the world, coastal zones…show more content…
Unfortunately, with the amount of carbon dioxide increasing so dramatically, the greenhouse effect has been strengthened and global temperatures have started to increase above norms. Based on weather data collected around the world, climatologists have detected increases in global average temperatures over the last few decades (Bloom). This increase has also triggered many other environmental changes such as the shrinking of glaciers and ice sheets, shifting of plant and animal ranges, accelerated rise of sea levels, changes in precipitation, longer and more intense heat waves, and more detrimental and intense severe weather events (NASA effects). What is most worrisome for all inhabitants of Earth is not the change itself, but the rate at which it is occurring. Environmental injustice occurs when a particular group of people are forced to bear a disproportionate amount of environmental risks or costs. These risks can come in the form of unequal access to environmental goods and services or a smaller opportunity to make their voices heard through participation in environmental decision making (Shrader-Frechette 2002). For decades, local and native communities around the world have had their voices silenced and have had to endure a vast amount of diverse environmental risks and injustices. Since the beginning of the environmental movement, many policy

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