Climate Change And Its Effects On The World Today

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It is known climate change is occurring because of multiple factors, including greenhouse gases, human activity, and some scientists say solar irradiance. What most people do not know or simply have not thought of is how far back in history was climate change a problem or if it was an issue for early civilizations. It is apparent that early civilizations weakened for several reasons, but one reason in particular is affecting the world today. One particular civilization that is popular for their agriculture are the Mayans. The Maya empire occupied land that is now Guatemala. They were the most dominant native people before the 16th century and were intelligent in the way they did agriculture. With new research available, it is plausible to…show more content…
This method was used because it efficiently removed unwanted parasites and plant in the rich soil. Not only slash-and-burn increases climate change, but also was a problem after 2-3 years of using the soil, it would erode and reduce the nutrients, resulting in insufficient growth of crops. After the soil erodes, the process was repeated, but in a different area. It is an effective method if practiced by smaller land and a smaller population. Since the population of the Mayan empire expanded, more trees were needed to provide essential needs. The endless cycle of slash and burn increasingly became severe for the Mayans. The lack of trees allowed greater amounts of CO2 to be released into the atmosphere. The top country that has the highest deforestation is Brazil. Deforestation not only opposes a threat to the climate and habitat loss, it also causes problems for people living in Brazil and other countries near Brazil. Mass deforestation can put these people at risk of losing their livelihood. Soil erosion can add waste into drinking water systems making the water non-drinkable. Burning trees add carbon dioxide to our atmosphere and removing trees lowers the number of trees available to transform carbon dioxide into oxygen. Deforestation continues the effect of global warming in this way. A disruption in the water cycle can have a ripple effect on the environment. Guatemala, once preoccupied by the Mayans, is still very much
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