Climate Change And Its Effects On The Environment

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Climate change impacts are not new issues nowadays. Many scholars had identified some phenomena that show the occurrence climate change. For instance the increases of Earth’s temperature, the significant records of sea level rise, which threaten mostly on Small Island developing states, extreme weather that cause the shifting season, and drought events. Basically, impacts of climate change cannot be avoided. However as intellectual creatures, humans are expected to be able to take actions in minimizing its impacts. In addition, people need to understand the context of climate change impacts on certain locations over time, and how the local systems work before implementing the climate change adaptation and mitigation actions because these actions could not be generalized to be applied on all conditions. Due to these actions depends on the local context, therefore, I belief that it is necessary to understand about the concept of climate change comprehensively as well as its adaptation and mitigation actions in order to enhance our capacity to deal with the climate change’s consequences.
Climate change issues in Indonesia
Reflects to Indonesia context, as located on the pacific ring of fire, it causes Indonesia facing the high risk of natural hazards. Also, the climate change impacts threat Indonesia as an archipelago nation. Human activities, however, exacerbate its impacts through urbanization, deforestation, and land clearance for example. Frequently flood and drought events
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