Climate Change And Its Effects On The World

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Climate change is one of the defining environmental concerns facing our globe today. Certain scientific reports have shown that industrialization and deforestation spurted climatic change and triggered the melting of ice glaciers around the Arctic Ocean at a rapid rate. In 2012, the area of ice covering the Arctic Ocean was estimated to be diminished by half; the condition that was not experienced over the last 30 years. Rise in the sea levels by 15-20 centimeters, on average, are also been recorded over the last century and the rate of increase has accelerated over the last decade. Recent scientific reports suggest that melting of ice glaciers around the oceans have the potential to influence tectonic activities in many parts of the world. As ice melts and water runs off, tremendous amount of weight will be lifted off from the Earth’s crust, which causes seismic plates to slip and stimulate earthquakes. The Great Sendai Earthquake or Great Tohoku Earthquake, which occurred in north-eastern Japan on March 11, 2011, provides clear illustration for severe tectonic natural disaster. The endless creeping, slipping, locking up and jolting actions of the seismic plates of Earth’s crust resulted in 8.9 magnitude earthquake and spawned a powerful tsunami with waves up to 30 feet high. The event devastated large swaths of the Japan’s coastal region and thousands were dead in the immediate aftermath of the quake and tsunami. In addition to this, human interferences with the nature
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