Climate Change And Its Effects On The Future Climatic Changes

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Luedeling et al. (2009) Method: Climate Analogue; to project the future climatic changes, the following inputs were used;
Time period: used the current and historic temperature data of 1979 and 2008 and three sets of synthetic 100 year weather record representing climatic conditions likely to occur within the next 30 years (Historical, Present and future time period)
Emission scenario: there is no mention of emission scenarios in the paper
Variables: day length (Radiation period), daily Minimum and daily Maximum temperature.
Model used: LAR-WG stochastic weather generator.
Season: Annual ( days, months and seasons)
Display discharges: Changes applied to observational data with means annual temperature range of 25 to 30°c
Region: High mountain Oasis regions of Al Jabal al Akhadar in the Sultanate of Oman 1. No future information on climate change is required.
2. Presents a wide spread use for simulation of present climate
3. It exposes a multifaceted sectoral impact or vulnerability of the past extreme events like droughts and floods
4. It reproduces a large ensemble for uncertainty analysis or long simulation for extreme weather
5. Tools used are readily available and easy to apply.
6. The projections were compared to the IPCC projections 1. It needs high quality observational data for use in modelling.
2. Limited use of emission scenarios.
3. Arbitrarily adjustments of parameters for future climate, as it simply produces time series of artificial weather statistics

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