Climate Change And Its Impacts On The Environment

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Over the past few decades, the world has rapidly deteriorated in terms of the environment. There are numerous factors that contribute to the deterioration of the earth and one significant factor is due to the issues of climate change. Majority of environmental as well as social scientist that cares about the world defines climate change as the primary source of global risk since it could have severe impacts on the future generations. In addition, the general meaning of the term ‘climate change’ is defined as the change in regional or global climate patterns and it is mainly caused by human activities such as deforestation and emission of harmful gases that pollutes the environment. The future generations are affected in a way that survivability in the world would be tougher and lifestyle would be different compared to the present. In the following essay, climate change will be discussed by relating it to the issue of sustainable development as well as identifying several implications of a continued “Business as Usual” approach and concluding by providing several objectives and alternatives to improve sustainability of the world. Before continuing towards the discussion of the connection between climate change and sustainability, the term ‘sustainable development’ or ‘sustainability’ will be explained first. The term ‘sustainable development’ is relatively similar with the term ‘sustainability’ and both can be interpreted from variety of aspects. Due to the work of World
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