Climate Change And Ocean Acidification In The Ocean

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It doesn’t take more than a glance at the news to notice an article related to climate change. I think that most people in the United States are aware of climate change, but many choose to blow it off as something of little importance. One of the areas where climate change is most impactful is in our oceans. Entire ecosystems of our oceans are changed when molecules like carbon dioxide are added into the mix. Carbon dioxide is a killer in the world’s oceans. Not only does this molecule acidify the ocean, but it also has direct consequences on many types of coral and sea plant life. Acidification of planet earth’s seas affects all living organisms under water. I think it is time to address some of the issues that climate change and ocean acidification bring to earth’s healthy oceans and discuss possible ways to cut carbon emissions.
Acidification and warming oceans are problematic. Dana Ehlert (2017) says “Recent literature has shown an approximately linear relationship between global warming and cumulative CO2 emissions.” (Ehlert, 2017) Humans have been adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere largely through burning fossil fuels. Waters states that “Most of this CO2 collects in the atmosphere and, because it absorbs heat from the sun, creates a blanket around the planet, warming its temperature. But some 30 percent of this CO2 dissolves into seawater.” (Waters, 2016) If we do not work to stop carbon emissions, oceans will continue to lower in pH and many marine creatures
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