Climate Change And Stability ( Two Parts )

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Q. 7) Climate Change and Stability (two parts) a. Scientists predict that the ocean will get warmer and the sea level will rise as a result of intensified greenhouse effect. i. Explain the greenhouse effect and how climate change is thought to occur. A greenhouse is generally a glass building that houses plants, the design of the building allows it to be warm enough to grow even summer plants during winter, or plants that would never be able to survive naturally in a particular area. This is because sunlight enters the greenhouse through the glass windows and, because of its design, only some light and heat escapes, causing heat to be trapped which in turn warms the greenhouse. Obviously this is where the term “greenhouse effect” comes from. Solar rays, which include not just light but other things like UV radiation and heat, enter our atmosphere (which can be paralleled with the glass in a greenhouse) and some of the heat is radiated off earth and bounced back down by the atmosphere just like the greenhouse, and only some is released back to space. This is a very important process and is necessary to our life on earth. Without the atmosphere the average global temperature would only be -18°C[l] as opposed to the 14.0°C [m] that it is now, so without the greenhouse effect no life could exist here. Although this process is very important, one problem is that if too much heat and radiation is bounced back to earth the surface becomes a lot hotter and harsher for living
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