Climate Change And The California Drought

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Abstract The California Drought is one of the most catastrophic weather and climate related events in recent history. It has singlehandedly altered the geographic landscape of the state and brought down entire industries to a grinding halt. Not since global warming became a prominent fixture in the national spotlight has a climate issue so deeply challenged Californians to reconsider their lifestyles according to their climate conditions. This essay will examine the origins of climate change and the California Drought, how the two are related, the current state of California as a result of the drought, and the future outlook of California. Climate change is the most significant, most revisited, most controversial, most discussed climate issue in modern history. Global warming serves as a glaring demerit on the lengthy list of accomplishments of mankind: a reminder that progress coupled with reckless abandon never has a good outcome. Though its presence in the national spotlight is a recent phenomenon, the early stages of global warming were detected centuries ago. In 1896, Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius (1859-1927), claimed that the use of fossil fuels may have an effect on the global climate. Arrhenius hypothesized that there was a distinct relation between carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere and global temperatures. He based this hypothesis on the discovery that the average surface temperature of the earth had a direct correlation with the
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