Climate Change And The Global Warming

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Campaign analysis Introduction Climate change has been an important issue for the past century brought about by human activities. As humans aim at growing economically, environment issues are always been overlooked, especially in some developing countries, like China and India. In other words, it is the trade-off between the speed of economic growth and environmental sustainability. (López & Toman, 2006) Meanwhile, with increasing use of dirty energy source, for example, petroleum and coal, a mass of greenhouse gases is discharged into atmosphere, which would lead to greenhouse effect. And greenhouse effect is the main reason of climate change. Scientists have raised the issue of climate change by providing scientific evidence to show…show more content…
The campaign calls the public to action by stating that the increased rate of climate change has led to a significant problem, increased extinction of the species. Over the last several years, researchers have identified an increasing rate of global temperatures. But in fact, the rate of change is higher than the rate at which the different species inhabiting the ecosystem can adopt putting them at risk of death thus extinction. (MALCOLM, LIU, NEILSON, HANSEN & HANNAH, 2006) There have been a lot of scholars studying this campaign as well as global warming. Dr Tina Tin had analysed this campaign in 2009. She mentioned that the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) set out an overwhelming body of scientific evidence which demonstrate climate change is human-induced beyond any doubt in 2008. Additionally, the IPCC was also awarded the Nobel Peace prize for recognizing climate change as a major challenge to the security of mankind in the 21st century during 2007. (Tin, 2009) Dr Tin defined present climate change as “stronger than expected, sooner than forecast”. She drawn this conclusion from following aspects. Firstly, recent 30 or more years, The Arctic Ocean is losing sea ice. (Stroeve, Holland, Meir, Scambon & Serreze, 2007) It means ocean water would be warmed more by the sun. And it would cause a vicious circle that the Arctic Ocean could be ice-free quickly during the summer, as well as difficult to form and to retain sea ice during the

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