Climate Change And The Ice Age

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Climate change. It is a continuously growing issue today. However, it is not a new phenomenon. In fact, climate change has been occurring for tens of thousands of years. It began around twenty thousand years ago when the Earth was in the Ice Age, an era when the planet was entirely frozen. When the Ice Age ended, climate change was underway and human lifestyle began to experience great transformations. These alterations have allowed humans to evolve from hunters and gatherers into a more diversified society, one where they thrived more than ever before. Due to climate change, human beings migrated to the Americas and developed technologies, languages, and agricultural methods to organize their societies from 14,000 BCE to 1400 CE. During the Ice Age, humans were mostly present in Africa, Asia, and Europe only. However, global migration became a more convenient journey because of climate change. For instance, the melting of ice made it possible for humans to migrate over a land bridge, which is covered by the Bering Strait today, from Asia to North America about twenty thousand years ago. From the opposite side of the Old World, the Norse, more commonly known as the Vikings, were able to sail from Europe to North America in the eleventh century and colonize the islands of Greenland and Newfoundland Such journeys, as with nearly every migration taking place at the time, were all possible because of expeditiously increasing temperatures. As much as migration was
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