Climate Change And Transportation : Global Warming And Greenhouse Emissions

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Weather Change and Transportation

Global warming and greenhouse emissions.

There is an evident growing of the economy by the growing of the population. As a result, it is expected an increasing on greenhouse emissions which are the responsible for the climate change. From 1970 to 2005, greenhouse emissions raised 61 %( more or less 1.4% per year). CO2 is the biggest source, raising about 86%. The greatest growing in global CO2 emissions came from power generation and road transport as it is showing in the figure below:

Sectorial breakdown of global GHG emissions from fuel combustion, 2007.

Source: International Energy Agency (OECD).2009. IEA Statistics: CO2 emissions from fuel combustion.

The Atmospheric CO2 congregation expanded about 100 parts per million (ppm) since their preindustrial level, going up to 391 ppm by volume in April 2010 Freight Transportation and CO2 emissions.

Around the world, it is a common tendency of the transport sector to be a critical contributor to greenhouse emissions. It is about 23% of CO2 global emissions and about 30% for OECD nations in 2007. The CO2 emissions from transportation increased by 45% from 1990 to 2007. Estimates of the increase for 2030 says that a continuing grow is waiting, up to 40%, even with the actual planning to reduce fuel consumption.

North America and the European Union command transport sector GHG emissions with 34% and 20% approximately by data from 2005. The road sector leads in all parts…
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