Climate Change And Urban Areas Essay

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Change in climate is becoming a major concern on a global scale, as it has had a tremendous impact on the urban environment. Climate change is the change in global or regional climate patterns, […] attributed to increased level of atmospheric carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases .’ (The Oxford Dictionary 2015). The increasing amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) released in the atmosphere is causing significant changes in the environment leading to unpredictable weather patterns and warming of the climate system. This is putting a great pressure on city development and infrastructures. This essay outlines three problems caused by climate change in urban areas, and evaluates the effectiveness of some of the mitigation and adaptation strategies. It reasons that mitigation and adaptation strategies need to work in synergy in order to address the situation effectively.
The three problems caused by climate change are; rise in sea level, varied energy demand, and water scarcity. Firstly, the impact on costal areas contributing to sea level rise has made low-lying cities vulnerable. Hunt and Watkiss (2011, p. 32) estimates that 50 m rise in sea level would render Mumbai’s ‘informal’ communities in despair. Moreover, climate change will lead to variation in energy demand. Hunt and Watkiss (2011, p. 33) explain even though winter heating will decrease due to warmer weather, cooling is anticipated to increase in the summer, increasing GHG emissions. Miller et al. (2007, cited in
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