Climate Change Andrew Hoffman Analysis

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This lecture was hosted by Dr. Andrew Hoffman from University of Michigan. As suggested by the title, this lecture was a “diluted” version of considerable research from his book, which focused on understanding the effects of culture and politics on the notion of climate change. Dr. Hoffman started the lecture by providing many scientific studies and facts proving the reality and seriousness of climate change. So the question is, why do some people choose to not believe and oppose the scientific consensus on issues of climate change, while all the proofs are present? And the simple answer he gave was that, the debate over climate change right now is not about science, is not about climate models, but about politics and the conflicting worldviews of these people and the values that are threatened by the notion of climate change. Dr. Hoffman then explained that one of the key arguments is that a scientific consensus does not necessarily reflect social consensus.…show more content…
The scientific consensus about the bad effects of cigarettes on human health emerged decades before the social consensus did. Thus, the same is to be expected about the climate change issue. Dr. Hoffman stated that, “scientific knowledge is never socially or politically inert particularly when it prompts changes in people beliefs or actions”. However, it is important to understand that climate change skepticism will not be overcome by a forceful presentation of the science. The source of a climate change messages is very important, if the audience trust the communicator, they are more likely to trust their arguments. This goes along the impacts of Democratic and Republican’s views on climate change, which can be seen as somewhat
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