Climate Change : Causes And Effects

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Human health is slowly diminishing, the ocean and sea levels are increasing dramatically, and plant life around the earth is vanishing- all due to the longly debated topic of climate change. Climate change is no myth; it’s a further analysis of how our planet is suffering the negative effects of human carelessness, which can be observed through the glaciers worldwide. Due to fossil fuel consumption and deforestation, greenhouse gasses are beyond regular amounts and affecting the glaciers, causing them to melt and increase ocean and sea levels.
To further understand Climate Change, one must recognize what it is. When people ponder about climate, they think of the patterns of biomes in terms of weather, temperature, precipitation, wind, seasons, and humidity. This element is what shapes the planet and human economies, and is no longer a predictable factor due to human readjustment. Climate change is the transition of these elements into more harmful factors. Human factors such as deforestation, carbon emissions, factory emissions, and much more impact the dying, aging Earth. Greenhouse gases are the main cause of climate change, as the glaciers are melting due to what is known as the greenhouse effect. As scientist Alex Hohensee explains it, “The greenhouse effect is how gases in the atmosphere, like water vapor, carbon dioxide and others trap energy from the sun... if there was not that effect from the gases the Earth’s surface would be sixty degrees colder” (Alec
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