Climate Change : Causes And Effects

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Climate Change Paper

Kaitlyn Yinger
Erin Reese
Biology 122: 10:30-12:45

Climate Change What really causes climate change? Is it human cause or is a natural process that is happening? I think that us as humans contribute more to climate change then natural causes.
Human Causes
Humans affect climate change in different ways, three main ways that humans caused climate change is deforestation, greenhouse gases and Agriculture. Deforestation causes change to the landscape and changes to surrounding atmosphere. Trees take in carbon dioxide and converts that into oxygen and then that is released into the atmosphere that is used by all the organisms that us oxygen. In fact the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest is said to be the reason that the weather in the Northwest is the why it is. Since the rainforest has been being cut down rain levels have decreased in the Northwest by 10-20%. (Medvigy) So in the act of deforestation is changing the climate in other places in the world. Greenhouse gases cause another issue to the world’s climate. With greenhouse gases are being released into the atmosphere it is causing Earth to heat up by a few degrees causing issues for plants. (Mondal) Heat stress do to the Earth heating up is a major thing. Heat stress can cause changes in the plant that make the plant weak in different areas within the plant, somethings in the process of photosynthesis or in the stability of the cell wall. (Mondal) This can cause a
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