Climate Change Contrarians

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Climate Change Contrarians are interesting, as there are certain elements they possess that are beneficial and detrimental. I would argue that their skeptical view could be helpful to the point of them not just blindly following the status quo, but their extreme skepticism can proceed to the point of denying undisputed facts that govern the environment around us, which can politically polarize the issue of climate change and distract from the reality of what is actually happening and how it should be addressed. For my analysis of climate change contrarians, I read selected parts Crichton’s text “State of Fear.” I found his author’s message was interesting as it very clearly laid out his personal position on climate change. While I agreed with some aspects, I definitely found myself questioning and sometimes chuckling at the arguments he presented against climate change.
The strongest/best arguments I found in Crichton’s text are the idea of how can we limit developing countries’ fossil fuels outputs because of our past usages. The idea of increasing public education is also a must, as many are clueless to the difference between true science and other hypothetical theories. I also found his opinion that we need more scientist and less lawyers as a strong foundation for moving forward beneficial, as
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Although Crichton is overall well educated, his specialty in earth sciences is lacking and as this reading is based on his personal opinion, one cannot say that these opinions are an authoritative source to be trusted. I would say that the majority of his opinions are not ludicrous or unfathomable, but that does not mean that one should use his opinion as a basis for understanding climate change. I think that for someone with a previously developed understanding of climate change could use this reading as a thought experiment, but one should not blindly accept his statements as facts, especially as it is not a fact based
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