Climate Change

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Climate Change Around the World
Did you know that Climate change is affecting people all around the world? Climate change is a very bad thing that has been going on for hundreds of years. So many things are being affected by climate change. Things that are being affected are trees, plants, animals, and even people. One reason that climate change is happening is that the earth is always in orbit so the climate is always changing. Climate change isn’t only nature, climate change is caused from humans, the sun, and animals. We are causing climate change by burning things. Scientists predicted this and they’re using models to predict climate change. Snow leopards in the Himalayas are dieing off. Asian Rhinos depend on floodplain grasslands and climate change changes the seasonal patterns the Rhinos go off of. Orang-utans are also one of the species at risk from deforestation. The ice that the Polar Bears use for homes are slowly starting to melt which means they are becoming more and more crowded.

The average temperature is expected to rise over time. With the temperature slowly rising, icebergs are melting in Antarctica which is causing polar bears to have to move. Snow and ice cover has been decreasing a lot already. Sea levels are also rising, if sea levels are rising that can cause floods. More and more floods, droughts, and heat waves have been occurring more than one hundred years ago. With all of these natural disasters happening more often, the human race is having
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