Climate Change : Global Warming

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There is no myth concerning climate change, only vested interests arguing over humanities role in our current climate change event. By careful reasoning and logic this paper sets about systematically showing that not only is climate change real but that currently the planet is experiencing a period of warming that is without equal within any of our historical data. Most confronting of all is that humanity is significantly influencing this current event and has the ability to mitigate the consequences.

The first section of this paper establishes what exactly naturally occurring climate change is. What are the underlying causes? What happens when climate change occurs? Most importantly how do we know this? The second section of this paper seeks to use our new found knowledge of natural climate change. It builds upon the premise of the first section and the ideas introduced there. Since we know the natural causes of climate change we can draw conclusions relating to the impact and influence that humanity is having on climate change. It is by first establishing naturally occurring climate changes legitimacy and causes and then linking these causes to our now current anthropogenic climate change This second section is also the more controversial, nobody disputes naturally occurring climate change, but as soon as causation is assigned to humanity and particular sections within; it becomes a vigorously debated topic. By first establishing climate change as a naturally occurring…

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