Climate Change Has A Huge Impact On Sea Turtles And Their Nesting Grounds

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All over the world there is a subject that has an effect on us all, and that subject has come to be known as climate change, or more commonly global warming. Climate change has a huge impact on Sea Turtles and their nesting grounds. Specifically referring to the Sea Turtle’s ability to reproduce. Especially within the last ten to fifteen years. Now, as most may know sea turtles are both marine and land animals depending on what stage of life they are in. Which means that they need to be able to go on land during certain stages of their lives. One of the main reasons why a sea turtle will go on to land is to lay their eggs. Within the last few years this has become harder and harder for the already endangered species. It is not very well known that climate change has such a large impact on the way that a sea turtle lives their life. Particularly since this epidemic has grown the most over the past few years. There is also not much study over this because sea turtles are generally creatures that remain stay hidden for much of the time when they are at sea, which makes them very difficult to study or observe at any given time. When reproducing, temperature of the sand practically has an effect on every single aspect. For instance temperature determines whether or not the eggs will be male or female. Below 85f or (30c) the eggs will normally form to be male, and above 85f or (30c) the eggs will normally form to be female (James Nybakken). Now these are…
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