Climate Change : How It Affects People And The Environment

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Climate change
PART ONE – Describe the nature of the geographic issue
Describe the issue: what it is, where it is happening, why it is happening, who it involves, how it effects people and the environment. You must include a map showing the location of the issue (you may find one on the internet or construct it yourself). You may include any other visuals such as photos, diagrams.
Nowadays human activities like driving cars, burning coal and cutting down forests and farming produce greenhouse gases. The greenhouse gases are mainly carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane. These gases gather in the atmosphere and attract heat from the sun.
The more greenhouse gases we produce, the faster the world’s climate heats up, which we often called it ‘global warming’. People also think it is better to called it as ‘climate change’, because it is likely to bring out more extreme disasters, such as floods, cyclones, storms, droughts and landslips—rather than just to simply mention an increase in temperature.
Climate change has significant impact on agriculture. The crops we grow for food need the right temperature and sufficient water to thrive. A changing climate could have both positive and negative impacts on crops. For example, in the areas that have generally cool temperatures, warmer weather could help certain crops grow; in areas where temperatures are already hot, even more heat could burn the crops.
Climate change with warmer temperature, or in worse case—droughts make it…
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