Climate Change, Human Security and Violent Conflict Essay

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Climate change is becoming a focal point for security and conflict research. Research suggests that violent conflict is affected by climate change and this could become increasingly worse in the future. Barnett, J., Adger, W. (2007) suggest that climate change undermines human security by reducing the access to natural resources that sustain people’s way of life. Climate change also has the capacity to undermine states as well by cutting off the states ability to provide opportunities and services that help maintain life and which help to maintain and build peace in daily life. With access to natural resources diminishing and the state not being able to provide opportunities and services that help maintain life and human security this…show more content…
Third, it explains that climate change may weaken states ability to provide resources and services to the people. And finally, it outlines further research that could be conducted on climate change human security (or the lack of) and violent conflict. It is evident that the climate of the world is changing and has been since the creation of the earth but over that past decade the change had begun to occur more rapidly. With this occurrence of climate change is the occurrence of violent conflict among humans. In most parts of the world the climate change impacts social ecological systems such as temperature, sea level, and annual precipitation. Other occurrence have just increased in intensity and frequency such as floods, droughts, storms, cyclones, fires, heat-waves, epidemics and hurricanes. Yet these environmental changes do not undermine human security but they do assist in the use up of the natural resources that humans need to maintain the “normal” daily life and most importantly survive. Violence happens for a number of reasons some to include leaders are able to mobilize groups to do certain things that cause violence, the loot-ability of natural resources and other products and because some individuals choose to be violent. It is very important to note that climate change will not make violence nor increase the risk of violence in isolation, it also requires other important social factors. The state
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