Climate Change: Impacts and Solutions

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Climate change is one of the most divisive topics in the recent years and this is reflected by the fact that more and more international bodies get actively involved in trying to come up with solutions to combat it. Even with the fact that the general public acknowledges the importance of devising effective strategies to slow and even stop climate change, it is actually very difficult for countries to do so when considering the economic factors related to the act. It is probable that developing countries are going to encounter significant impediments as they focus on acting in accordance with plans meant to deal with climate change. While many developed countries have adopted effective techniques of fighting climate change, developing countries have found it difficult to do so as a result of the fragile economy in these areas. Agriculture is one of the principal domains that experiences difficulties as a result of climate change and individuals in developing countries are unable to counter its effects. Most developing countries focus on performing as many actions as possible with the purpose of achieving economic growth. However, climate change brought on a whole new agenda, one that is meant to influence these respective actors to invest lesser resources in trying to achieve economic growth and more resources in trying to combat climate change. Developing countries have significant energy needs and First-world countries now need to support underprivileged communities by
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