Climate Change Is A Change Of Weather Patterns That Lasts For A Long Duration Essay

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Climate Change is a change of weather patterns that lasts for a long duration. Climate change can be caused by the ‘greenhouse effect’. Humans create greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels, electricity production and more. These gases trap the sun’s heat in the atmosphere and increase the earth’s overall temperature. This process is also called Global Warming which can cause more natural disasters like floods and droughts. Climate change is an existent global issue that started since 1880 when technology was growing rapidly and warmest year’s records were being broken more frequently in the past 30 years. This geographic issue is occurring all around the world where sea levels are rising, ice sheets are melting, natural disasters are happening more often and oceans are acidified. Almost everyone is involved with climate change as we are living on planet earth and there is a lot of reasons that causes climate change. Climate change affects us in many ways. Frequent natural disasters can be dangerous to us, droughts can give us dehydration while floods can ruin our crops and buildings. People will struggle with climate change and overall it will affect the way we live.
Some examples of climate change:
Rising sea levels in Kiribati – This country is struggling with sea level rise because of how this country will disappear in a few decades from climate change, this causes many residents to leave this country.
Droughts in California – California is facing one of the most

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