Climate Change Is A Multi Dimensional Phenomena Essay

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In the current globalized world, where new technologies are being invented every day to make people’s lives easier, there’s one thing that people tend to forget about: climate change. While many people perceive climate change as simply a “global” issue, a lot of countries ignore their responsibilities to tackle this fatal crisis. There are quite a number of factors working directly and indirectly behind the ways various countries have different policies in facing this issue, as climate change is a multi-dimensional phenomena. This paper will briefly analyze the political economic reasons of why different nations adopt different policies regarding this matter.
What is climate change? The term climate refers to the average weather pattern of a planet or region over time (Downie, Brash and Vaughan 2009, pp 1). Climate change refers to any significant change in the measures of climate lasting for an extended period of time. A lot of factors are concerned in this process, including changes in temperature, wind patterns andrainfall, especially the increase in the temperature of the earth 's atmosphere that is caused by the increase of particular gases, especially carbon dioxide.Although there is much dissent about the causes of climate change, most people agree that humans are the main reason of this global trouble. Resolving this problem is not an easy task, and is almost impossible to do so without integrated global cooperation. Yet governments around the world

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