Climate Change Is A Real Issue

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As the Earth’s temperature begins to rise, it is questioned what has brought this upon the third largest planet. Climate change is a real issue, and civilization is one of the biggest factors in this dilemma (IPCC). Climate change is the difference in temperature over a large region of land throughout a long period of time (IPCC). What causes this increase in temperature? Society is the greatest reason for this increase as human’s activities such as burning fossil fuels and agricultural practices increase the release of carbon dioxide (IPCC).
The Earth’s average temperature has risen by almost a degree and a half within the last century (Vitousek, 23). At the rate the temperature is rising, the Earth is expected to have risen by a full two degrees by the end of the following century (Vitousek, 23). As these changes seem small and unbeknownst, they are able to create a greater impact on the earth as a whole in creating dangerous shifts in weather and climate. In regards to these changes, large heat waves and droughts can be a result (Vitousek, 23). These dramatic changes in weather can make it difficult for humanity to adjust to such drastic changes in weather (Vitousek, 23). While the earth is warming and causing the ocean’s to warm, the result creates a higher acidity level in the water (Vitousek, 23). As ice caps begin to melt and sea levels rise, society is going to begin to notice more pronounced changes in society and its environment (Vitousek, 23).
There are five
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