Climate Change Is A Serious Problem

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Humans will destroy the earth if no one acts. Climate change is a serious problem that has been around for decades. The 21st century is special because of the technology and information available. Yet, people continue to ignore the overwhelming destruction happening to nature. Through many years, masses have begun to take responsibility and restore the planet. In time, the earth might be what it once was.
Climate change began in the 1820s with Joseph Fourier and in the 1860s with John Tyndall. Fourier put into motion the “greenhouse effect.” An effect where trapped gasses in the lower atmosphere absorb the sun’s heat. Tyndall found that “greenhouse gasses” cover the earth like a sheet. This is how the earth keeps cool and warm. Yet, too much greenhouse gasses can be futile. During this time, humans did not know that they were the ones causing implications. 100 years later, Svante Arrhenius proposed that “…doubling the CO2 content of the planet’s atmosphere would raise its temperature by 2.5 to 4.0 degrees Celsius” (Frank, para 7). Any slight change in temperature can offset the ecosystem. People began to act to save their planet, but there are still many in denial.
A way to lower greenhouse gasses is to protect the forests. Humans have used and still use trees for many purposes: warmth, shelter, and food. Wood, fruits, nuts, roots, shoots, and branches of a tree are all useful. The soil from cleared forests are also nutrient rich. Deforestation is not a new occurrence. The
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