Climate Change Is A Serious Reason For Nervousness

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Climate change is a serious reason for nervousness. It touches all parts of life on our planet. Mostly every scientist claims that anthropogenic global warming is to blame for climate change. Nevertheless, there is a small fraction of people that deny the very presence of global warming. Their arguments carry a certain amount of influence in some groups, but they lack the scientific proof for their arguments. Global warming is the escalation of Earth’s average temperatures due to the effect of greenhouse gases. Such as carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossils fuels and the disforestation of our forest and jungles, which trap the heat that would eventually escape from earth back to space. This is a method of greenhouse effect. Global climate change is already beginning to transmute the presence of life on earth. Also, climate change is transforming the landscape, the rising seas, stronger storms, increased risk of floods and droughts, higher temperatures, more heat-related illnesses with in humans and the economy. Wild animals are facing new challenges for survival because of climate change. More common storms, droughts, heat waves, melting glaciers and warmer oceans, can directly harm the animals, and destroy their habitat. For example, the giant panda from China is being threatened by loss of habitat and the lost of the bamboo by climate change. According to the article, “Climate Change Threatens Giant Pandas’ Bamboo Buffet and Survival” from the “Targeted News…
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