Climate Change Is Affected By Cars

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Climate change can be prevented with proper equipment like weather radars, but society also has to listen to the experts when they provide them with information. According to Tori Jennings Climate change mitigation is too reduce or prevent a future global climate change (Jennings, 2011). For example, when global warming was first talked about by experts, they had mentioned that factories and cars should be used less because pollution would have an effect on global warming. According to Palmer, Climate change is affected by cars because of the pollution vehicles create. Some toxins that are released by a vehicles exhaust are carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons (Palmer, 1911). These are just a few that are affecting our…show more content…
Nuclear plants; even though they create a power source for our daily life’s, it also produces mass pollution that affects our climate.
Climate change can be caused by many different things for example, the differences of solar radiations that’s received by the earth, volcanic eruptions, plate tectonics and human activities have also influenced climate change are often talked about as global warming (Jennings, 2011). Scientist have been trying to figure out the past and future climate by making observations and using theoretical models. There is a climate record of earths past and to this day scientists are continuing to add information. The geological evidence is from cores removed from ice that’s been accumulated, stable-isotope, glacial process and other investigations of sediment layers (Jennings, 2011).
Climate change is it a naturally occurring or is it caused by humans? Every person has a different point of view on this, that is if they have an opinion on it. Personally, climate change does occur naturally, but also humans have been contributing to it. For example, the drought in California is it because people use too much water or is it a natural climate change. If we don’t have any rain and it is too hot, then droughts will occur. Greenhouse gas contributes to climate change. Humans contribute to climate change, ways they contribute to it is with the burning of fossil fuels and the transformation of forestry
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