Climate Change Is An Effect Of Human Action

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Climate change has been a growing problem over the past few decades, which is hurting our Earth, therefore, hurting humanity. With the help of big name companies lowering their emissions and developing and developed countries putting effort into helping the cause, it is possible to reduce the speed at which this global problem is happening. This is a real problem and it must be stopped. Countries all across the world, developed and developing alike, must carry the burden of mitigating climate change. Many scientists believe that climate change is an effect of human action (Climate Change). Climate change is a very real thing that needs to be stopped. In an article from India Public Sector News it states, “Pressures on land, air, water, forests and loss of plant and animal habitant are growing” (Ministry). It is thought that the warming climate is due to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that could be produced by a number of things, factories and cars included. Both developed and developing countries are to blame for this. In 2008, China, being a developing country, was the leading global producer of CO2 emissions followed closely by the United States, a developed country (Climate Change) The United States has been trying to take steps in the right direction to curb the growth of climate change. One of these ways was to cap off how much emissions a company could use. This cap-and-trade system was never passed and some warned that it would be detrimental to the economy because
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