Climate Change Is An Important Issue That Concerns Humanity

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Climate change is an important issue that concerns humanity. Climate change refers to an increase in average global temperatures. Every day, the enhanced greenhouse effect continues to advance, which significantly influences Earth’s long-term climate. In addition, human activity is also contributing to the increase of global warming and is already leading to harmful consequences. Some people believe that global warming is not occurring and the heating of the globe, is just a part of the Earth’s natural cycle. Several consequences such as, ice caps melting, show us that global warming is in fact occurring. Therefore, we should start making changes in order to reduce future damages to the Earth.

The enhanced greenhouse gas effect is one of the many reasons why global warming is occurring. Heat that is being trapped by the Earth’s surface is known as the natural greenhouse effect. However, throughout the last decades since the Industrial Revolution, the natural greenhouse effect has been disrupted due to greenhouse gas trapping too much heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. The enhanced greenhouse gas effect is the extra heating of the Earth’s atmosphere caused by increased levels of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, in the atmosphere. According to Cheryl Jakabs, carbon dioxide levels are now 100 parts per million higher than the beginning of the 1800s. Furthermore, this increase of greenhouse gases may lead to an increase of natural disasters. The
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