Climate Change Is An Ongoing Problem

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Climate change is an ongoing problem in our world. There are many health effects, shortage of resources due to energy use, and perhaps more importantly, the detrimental and in some cases irreversible environmental impacts. The climate does change due to natural forces, however; human impacts are the cause of such dramatic change. “Unless greenhouse gas emissions are severely reduced, climate change could cause a quarter of land animals, birdlife and plants to become extinct” (Weather Information, 2014). Some effects on these animals are mammals coming out of hibernation earlier than usual, plants blossoming, and even birds laying their eggs at earlier times in the year. Migration is being effected by global warming and a result is animals moving closer to the north and south poles which shows that the animals are sensing a major change in their once inhabitable environments. Climate change greatly affects many species survival, migration, and breeding.
Climate change has big effects on water in various regions. One result of climate change is the rise of sea levels. Beach turtles are losing their nesting grounds, seals are also losing the land which they would normally raise their small offspring. “The already endangered Mediterranean Monk Seals need beaches upon which to raise their pups and a rise in sea level there could damage shallow coastal areas used annually by whales and dolphins which need shallow, gentle waters in order to rear there small calves” (Weather…

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