Climate Change Is Essential For Health

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Why do we think is climate change so essential? Global climate change is now recognised as one of the foremost environmental challenge of the 21st century and there are very strong evidences for human influence on climate change through emissions of green house gases (like carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels, methane from other sources). Climate change is essential for health in two main ways- first, it is now necessary to learn to adapt to climate change as some degree of climate change appears inevitable and there is a need to consider how to protect the population against its adverse impacts. Secondly, there is much a need to mitigate which means to reduce the human impact of climate change through reduction of green house gases, changes in energy use, transportation sector (reducing toxic air pollution)1. It is a known fact that climate change has the potential to damage human development across many countries, including India. India is confronted with increased global climate change threat amidst the challenge of sustaining rapid economic growth. Evidences have shown that climate change not only affects the quality and distribution of India’s natural resources, but also ultimately threatens the livelihoods of the most poor and marginalised sector that are closely attached to India’s natural resources for their daily needs and development as half of the population are engaged in agriculture and allied sectors2. While developing countries like India are responsible
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