Climate Change Is The Biggest Human Induced Threat On The Environment

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Climate change is the biggest human induced threat on the environment; it threatens animal and human life, as well as the economy. After climate change was discovered in the early 1800’s, scientist immediately started research on ways global warming could be solved. This helped because if it was primarily caused by the earth, than it would prove to be difficult for humans to try to save themselves from something that was inevitable. This all led to the beginning of many different proposed solutions. In 1955, congressmen in the United States proposed the idea of The Air Pollution Control Act, which later became The Clean Air Act of 1963. The purpose of this act was to mitigate greenhouse gases, more specifically as Grossman explains it "[limited] emissions from mobile and stationary sources and imposed other regulatory requirements." This may seem like it would be a primary solution to the problem, but the problem with this solution was that it did not have a strong enforcement. Meaning that in order for this to have been effective each state in the United States would have to map out how hard they needed to apply this law. In other words, states like Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles would have to emphasize the law stronger than any other city because they, among others, are emitting high amounts of greenhouse gas. Since this had little to no effect on climate change, the government moved towards greenhouse gas (GHG) permits and reporting; this meant that businesses that
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