Climate Change Is The Change

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Climate change is the change in earth’s climate like temperature and precipitation over a particular region. Climate change has shown its affect all across the globe and is leading to all undesirable loses.

Some of the reasons of radical climate changes are:
• Irresponsible activities of humans like misuse of fossil fuels, polluting water bodies and use of non-renewable sources
• Burning of fossil fuels like coal and oil are rising the levels of carbon dioxide in the air.
Climate change is not only leading to drastic changes in temperatures, it has got serious impact on human as well as animal life like
• Inconsistent climate and weather extremity
• Rising in sea levels
• Longer droughts
• Species extinction
• Transformed ecosystems
• Huge economic loses
Climate change is mainly due to human activities and can also be due to nature. But when necessary precautions like foregoing fossil fuels, saving power are taken, we can help slow down this drastic changes in climate.

Climate change can be called as the change in the earths overall climate. Earth’s climate has always been changing, it has gone warmer and cooler over the years. But the earth’s average temperature shows that it has gone warmer than cooler which can lead to huge after-effects.
Climate change can also be called as global-warming.

From the many causes of climate change, the most important cause is the human amplification of the “greenhouse effect”. The gases that live in the
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