Climate Change Myths

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This link covers many of the myths about climate change. List two of the myths that you found most interesting. Outline what each myth is, and what the right answer to that question or item is.
"It's freaking cold!" is the first myth I chose. It's being skeptical about climate change, global warming in particular, when temperatures drop. For example, if winter is colder this year, then it's compelling to conclude that global warming must be a scam. I admit that I asked myself this a some time ago: if the earth is getting warmer, then why do we still get extremely cold days? To answer this, it's important to first realize the difference between weather and climate, which are short- and long-term phenomena respectively. Looking at the fluctuating temperature records of a long span of time can and do show how
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Why or why not?
I have 'believed' in climate change prior to starting this course; I have read about the subject in passing and watched a couple of videos online dealing with it. So I would say my view on climate change hasn't changed in a significant way. I have, however, read and learned more about climate change this week and I am now interested in reading more about it.

Choose one [of] the Review Questions from this week’s readings and answer it in full.
Why is secondhand smoke dangerous? Secondhand smoke is dangerous because smoke contains at least 7000 harmful chemicals, some of which can damage human health. It's also dangerous because being exposed to it even for a short period of time can still have adverse effects (Doršner, 2016, p. 245).

Please tell me how the course is going for you so far? Is it hard, “just right”, or easy?
I can't say it's easy. And it isn't hard either, so it's in-between. I'm enjoying the material and I feel like I'm learning so much, but the assignments are sometimes overwhelming and it's always a race against time to complete and submit them on
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