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“The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change projects that, if unchecked, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations by 2100 will range from 650 to 970 parts per million. As a result, the panel estimates, average global temperature would probably rise by 2.7 to 10.4 degrees between 1990 and 2100 ”. Climate change Earth changing climate is attracting more serious attention of environmentalists and politicians in last the years due to heavy concern over the future of our earth. Human heavy dependence on the use of fossil fuels, 90% of commercial energy, is responsible for the 22 % of industrial emissions of gases. According to Michael Toman, “humans are greatly adding the presence of the gases, commonly referred to as greenhouse gases…show more content…
The need for actions is needed in order to prevent future impacts on the future of human beings by preventing the increased changes in climate. Development towards control of emissions Besides natural effects, growing presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is an inevitable concern to economists. The economic perspective on depletion of ozone layer and its side effects on the Mother-nature do not worry many nation officials who need development and money support. For some countries, necessary actions required for reduction of GHGs mean a major reduction in the variety of choices, consumption of products used and of costs of controlling the CO2. According to Andrew Hoffman, “to avoid the aforementioned scenarios, measures must be taken in all energy-consuming sectors of the economy: industry, transportation utilities and residential households. Homes, commercial buildings, and factories must become energy efficient, reducing their fuel use for heating, cooling, refrigeration, lighting, and so on. Improved energy efficiency is the primary near-term solution in each of these sectors; however, energy substitution is inevitable after initial cost-efficiency gains are made. The only efficient way to shift the use of other sources of energy is to raise the price of fossil fuels through a carbon tax …. 50% reduction in emission would require energy prices to more than double” . Kyoto Protocol The need for change in use of fossil energy is obvious for the

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