Climate Change Persuasive Speech

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The Walrus has been a main source of food for thousands of Alaskans for generations, however, lately a serious problem has forced a drastic change in their diet. Warmer waters due to climate change have forced most all walruses out of the reach of the Alaskan hunters. This is only one of the many problems caused or that will be caused by climate change. Temperatures on earth have risen on average 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit over the course of the past century, this will continue and inevitably accelerate due to the increase in greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change is a serious problem and should be addressed by the United States.
Climate change affects pretty much everybody in different ways, and is almost certainly not due to natural causes. As previously mentioned, people in Alaska are starving, while others are only inconvenienced. The changes in climate are due to greenhouse gas emissions, and not part of a natural cycle as some are led to believe. This is obviously a serious problem, which should be addressed by the leaders of our country.
Climate change may not be a huge and immediate problem right now, however, we cannot continue to procrastinate on this issue. The problem will not go anywhere and increase the
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These are some of the same people that write those global warming jokes we all love so much. These people rely on statements such as that the change in climate benefits some ecosystems. An example of this would be the benefits seen with some of California's redwoods by the change in climate. One could also refute such a claim by stating that these benefits seen in only a select few ecosystems are minor compared to the drastic changes for the worse seen in others. One could refute this further by stating that the supposed benefits are only seen a few ecosystems. Climate change would be disturbing far more things than it would be
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