Climate Change Prompting Invention in Green Energy

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Climate Change Prompting Invention in Green Energy Our world is changing dramatically. The very technologies that helped propel us into the industrial world are now proving to be a serious danger within the not so distant future. Climate change is occurring all over the world, primarily because of the increased levels of CO2 within the earth's atmosphere that has been slowly but surely heating up temperatures across the globe. The evidence for climate change is apparent, which is then prompting politicians, scientists, and businessmen alike to look into researching and developing new green and eco-friendly technologies to provide the globe with the energy it needs without the added damage to the environment. Traditionally, oil and other natural gases were what were used to power all of the modern amenities of life. We built this country on coal and natural gasses, as oil helped fuel the push west and began a process of extreme industrialization that allowed the United States to become a major manufacturing power within the growing global economy. Much of the technologies and resources we depend on today were created and fostered through the use of natural gases and coals. Today, most residential and commercial power still depends on such resources to run power for millions of people across the globe. However, as time continued, it was clear that our dependence on oil and gas has begun to have serious negative consequences on the earth that we live in. Natural gasses
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