Climate Change Reflection

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For my portfolio this semester, I focused on climate change. For a large part of my life, I have been very concerned with climate change, and how we as a human race can mitigate its damaging effects on the environment. For my units, I watched John Oliver’s segment on food waste and the documentaries Who Killed the Electric Car? and Waste Land, read the New York Times’ article on green travelling, and visited the Westcave Nature Preserve and Warren Skaaren Environmental Learning Center. In John Oliver’s segment from Last Week Tonight on food waste, John Oliver tackles the issue of how much food Americans waste. He comments on America’s hypocrisy, that farmers and food producers are pumping huge amounts of water to make food that will end up as trash, and that the number of families who will go to bed hungry is far too large than it should be. When the waste accumulates, the food decomposes in a landfill with little air and releases methane, contributing to the greenhouse effect, and in turn climate change and global warming. As food decomposes, it releases methane that increases the greenhouse effect and warms the planet. Oliver goes on to talk about legislative efforts in regards to food waste, which brings up a point of content: to what lengths should legislation go towards emissions and other climate regulations? For the next unit, I analyzed the NYT Article 10 Ways to Be a Greener Traveler, Even if You Love to Fly, and ranked the points by importance. The points that
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