Climate Change Rhetorical Analysis

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The topic regarding climate change has been the cause of several various debates. Whether or not it is real or if it is in fact a hoax to try a raise panic has remained unknown. However there are many people who have strong opinions and beliefs on whether or not climate change does in fact exist.
One person who is standing his grounds on the belief that climate change is in fact a hoax is Elmer Beauregard. Though he strongly believes this, he does not have a valid argument because he used fallacy of relevance: appeal to ignorance to make his case. Beau believes that climate change is not real and nor is it an issue. All throughout his article Beau gives several reasons as to why climate change is a hoax, yet he does not give factual evidence
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By using sarcasm and mockery in the beginning of his editorial it establishes to the readers that he is confident in what he is saying. And when a person is confident and belives their own words, it makes the viewers and readers more susceptible to what they are saying, because they sound assuring as well as assertive. This format he uses makes it more likely for people to believe what he is saying even though he may not have all the facts. Another reason why this specific fallacy was used was because he wanted to use it to undermine his rival’s arguments against him. Beau strongly disagrees with Al Gore’s claim that climate change does exist. Gore is an environmentalist and dedicates his time to raise awareness on the problem of climate change however Beau claims that climate change is a hoax created by the players who profit from it like Al Gore. Beau stated that, “global warming is a hoax that the main purveyors of global warming live lifestyles opposite of what they preach… they fly around the word in private jets pushing their propaganda… some people such as Al Gore actually profit from Carbon Taxes and other green activity laws”. By weakening Gore’s image Beau appears to be better and more correct in his claims. It is likely Baeu also used this fallacy in order to target a wide range audience. He kept the wording in his editorial simple and to the point so it could be understood by
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