Climate Change Should Be A Priority For All The Government

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When it comes to the topic of Climate change, most of us will agree that the Republicans need to concentrate on climate change and give it top most priority since climate change is indeed one of the leading concerns in world economics and politics today. Whereas most Republicans are convinced that the issue of climate change should be a priority for all the government in the USA, there are still a few Republican presidential candidates that maintain that the issue of climate change requires international efforts and that the US government alone can’t do much about it. Others even argue that climate change does not exist at all. In a recent poll, it was found that 59 percent of Republicans changed their views regarding climate change which is up from the previous poll of 47 percent (Davenport). Now that the voting population is changing their mind, how can we get the Republican presidential candidates to change their mind as well?
Republicans are split in their views about climate change. A look at public opinion among Republicans over the past few months finds a more divided Republican electorate. Even though candidates such as Lindsey Graham and George Pataki believe that climate change is an issue to be addressed, they are polling at less than 1%! It is the high-polling candidates such as Donald Trump in lead with 32% and Mike Huckabee with 7%.who don’t believe in climate change (2016 Presidential election polls).
There are only two Republican Presidential Candidates who…
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