Climate Change : The Pacific Ocean

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The objective of this program was to inform the reader or listener about how climate change I the Pacific Ocean is affecting marine life. Along with climate change affecting marine life, ocean acidification is causing the destruction of coral reefs, which are essential for the humans and the organisms that thrive on them in the ocean. Past the scientist views of whom is to blame for this, the true message is to get awareness out to the public so that this process of ocean destruction can be reversed so the preservation of the organisms in these oceanic regions can survive and continue to thrive. It is a general conclusion that is brought up in this radio broadcast, that although there is stark evidence that marine life is changing, there can be general precautions that can be taken and that it is not too late to preserve coral reefs, which in fact are beneficial in many ways to the human population. Much has been done to these areas which have led to them being affected negatively, and although there isn’t a specific causation for these events occurring, there is only one outcome for this, the reduction in marine life, which is deemed as highly important for us as organisms of this earth. In this broadcast, many callers are concerned about this warming of oceanic regions, because even though there is what seems to be little interest in solving this climate change problem, listeners are actually concerned about what they and other can do to reduce this problem. The broadcast…
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