Climate Change : The Planet

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Climate Change The planet that is our home never ceases to amaze mankind with its seemingly never-ending mysteries. Home to about 8.7 million various species that roam the globe; the Planet Earth is considerably the most habituated planet in our solar system. Despite numerous attempts to research the other fellow planets in our system, it appears that many drastic changes have been taking place on our home planet. From the evolution of plants and animals, to the advancements in modern technology, every decade on earth seems to exponentially grow to new heights even greater than the last. Despite the physical growing trends that take place on our planet, we also face numerous changes that have lately been taking place on our atmosphere. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Climate is defined as: 1) The average course or condition of the weather at a place usually over a period of years as exhibited by temperature, wind velocity, and precipitation. 2) The prevailing set of conditions (as of temperature and humidity) indoors (a climate-controlled office). Today we will focus on the former, specifically the change in our climate and the patterns that follow throughout time. Many are aware that the Earth’s climate continues to change at an alarmingly fast rate; climate change begins to not only affect us psychologically, but physically and emotionally as well. Despite all the media outlets portraying the changes of our planet’s atmosphere, some still are not aware of
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