Climate Change : The Primary Cause And Effects Of Global Warming?

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Global warming, by definition, is the increasing average temperature on a global scale. Many scientists agree that the primary cause of this phenomenon is the collection of various “greenhouse gases” and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. These gases are said to come from the burning of fossil fuels in order to produce electricity, which has been gradually but greatly increasing since approximately 1750. For the most part, global warming, or climate change, is a universally accepted truth – but for some reason, there is a large resistance to the legitimacy of it. As of the year 2016, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere’s concentration had reached a record high of 400 parts per million. This is the highest it’s been in the last three million years. Possibly coincidentally, that same year had the hottest recorded temperatures of all time, with temperatures at an average of 1.78 Fahrenheit warmer than the average of the twentieth century’s. 2016 was, again, record setting for the third year in a row. Now, the planet's glaciers and polar ice sheets are melting due to this warmer atmosphere. As a result, sea levels are rising notably. With this melting ice, dark water is exposed, which absorbs more sunlight than it did previously as ice, which subsequently triggers a cycle of heating and melting. Alongside the raising temperatures and sea level, comes more extreme weather. Heat waves have become even more frequent worldwide than they ever have been, resulting in an exponential
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